Pietra Lavica - Pietra lavica dell’Etna - Pietra lavica ceramizzata

Arte Sacra in pietra lavica - Tavolo in pietra lavica - Tavoli in pietra lavica

Disegno in pietra lavica - Fontane in pietra lavica -Trittico da giardino in pietra lavica

Top cucina in pietra lavica - Monili in pietra lavica - Insegne in pietra lavica

Pavimenti in pietra lavica ceramizzati - Pavimenti in Terra cotta

Pavimenti in Argilla - Paladini in ceramica - Vasi in Ceramica - Complementi d’arredo

Lumi in ceramica - Cache pot - Porta ombrelli - Orologi in pietra lavica

In 1998 GIOVANNA AIELLO  embarked in the world of pottery.

Her workshop situated on the slopes of Mount Etna keeps her constantly in touch with the volcano Etna and its rocks. Here she creates objects worked in ceramics.

From tiles and pavements, to tables, decorations, furniture, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, gardens, personalized projects and designer environments.

Working with materials such as maiolica, terra-cotta, clay and above all the volcanic basalt stone, she produces art objects of the finest quality in glazed lavic stone.

Each article is hand painted.



Workshop: Via Mazzoni n° 10  -  95030 - Mascalucia (CT)   -    Phone/Fax +39 095 910347     Mobile +39 349 6933824     e-mail info@giovannaaiello.it